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Tom TC Carpenter is an Americana, folk-rock singer/songwriter from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Having played in various bands over several decades, in 2012, Tom decided it was time for something new. Since that time he has focused on honing his craft as a songwriter and solo performance artist.


Tom's influences and inspirations vary from 60's and 70's rock to early country and Americana. A night with Tom is likely to include Johnny Cash, The Allman Brothers, Arlo Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Stephan Stills, The Band and The Beatles. While he enjoys covering all these great writers, his current songwriting has shifted into exploring the stories of local history - how the railways, immigrants, and steel industry has shaped the region of Northeastern, Pennsylvania.


In September 2016, Tom released his debut album - "Look Inside.”  The album of all original music includes four studio tracks recorded at Myx-o-lydian Studios in Delaware Water Gap, PA and four tracks recorded from a live performance at Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg, PA. The album features multi-instrumentalist Gary Dillon on electric guitar and banjo, Joe Michaels on bass, Jeff Barg on drums, Q. Fisher on Mandolin and Andy Goessling on dobro. The project was produced by Samuel Saint Thomas and engineered by Don Sternecker.


Since the release of his album, Tom has been performing regularly throughout Northeastern PA, The Lehigh Valley and Northern New Jersey. He has had the opportunity to open for national touring acts America and Abbie Gardner and regional touring acts; Marc Douglas Berardo, Danielle Miraglia, and Dave Ostrowski. In addition to performing, he produces The Songwriters Round. A bi-monthly event that features local and regional singer/songwriters. Presented in the round, each event features original music and the stories and craft behind each artist.

"Tom is a craftsman, a wordsmith and a teller of tales. His music is at once pleasing and transportive. Beyond that he's an asset and an advocate for the music community. A tireless and hardworking DIY artist who's a real pleasure to do business with."


Brian McCloskey, Foul Rift Productions

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